Extraordinary action:

Solarium: 0,30 €/minute

Vertical solarium contains 58pcs XL long special kolatan tubes. It is equipped with a vibration-oscillation platform that regenerates and strengthens muscles during sunbathing.

The tan bed has an elliptical shape, specially designed based on years of experience with even tanning, including the legs. Includes four brackets, two sides, and two tops for comfortable positioning. It has dynamic lighting that changes colors based on your settings and tastes.

The choice of exterior design is from more than 30 variations, or your own design. Of course, there are built-in speakers and central extraction with automatic power control. Includes touch control Start/Stop Ventilation and digital display showing tanning time and vibrating platform control panel with display. The solarium is fitted with internal acrylic covers with straightforward disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.

The tan bed can be controlled by a reception controller, a token machine, or a computer system. It is possible to install an aromatherapy or aqua breeze refreshment system and an intelligent music package with a subwoofer.

Vibration-oscillation platform in the solarium:


  • Removes excess fat and shapes the figure
  • Improves cellulite condition, firms and smooths the skin
  • Relieves the symptoms of osteoporosis and acts as a prevention
  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Detoxification of the body, faster excretion of harmful substances
  • Metabolism is accelerated
  • Helps to eliminate hip joint pain, their position and stability
  • Acts to relax muscles and eliminate fatigue
  • Improves the function of internal organs
  • Reduces cholesterol and excess body fat and thus contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity
  • Helps correct spinal health problems
  • Helps improve pelvic floor musculature and reduce stress incontinence problems
  • Improves bowel patency and helps with constipation problems
  • Helps in the rehabilitation of weakened muscles and joints after injuries

How it works:

The vibration method uses the reflex as the body’s natural response to disturbances in balance to increase muscle fibers’ stimulation. It works based on the body’s natural reflexes triggered by vibration. Training on the vibration platform is safe, simple, and very effective, where in 10 minutes, you will achieve the same results as a regular exercise that takes an hour. Medical studies have shown that it is possible to halt the development of osteoporosis and accelerate the recovery of damaged tendons and ligaments. Effectively combats cellulite and, at the same time, improves coordination of movements.

Lipoic vibration machines can promote burning body fat, especially in the gluteal muscles, thighs, and abdomen. Apart from developing a nice figure, this therapy is also beneficial for your health.

Collagen therapy:

The secret of the vibrant look is hidden in the perfect formation of collagen. Preferably one that your body creates itself.

For this purpose, a new method using 633 nm light technology has been developed. The technology was discovered by NASA scientists and is used to speed up wound healing and skin regeneration during spaceflight. The principle is that special emitters stimulate the body to produce collagen. This makes it possible to improve its effectiveness many times over, even in the deep layers of the skin.

What is COLLAGEN ?

Collagen is a fibrous glycoprotein, it is a major component of tissue connective tissue. It gives the skin its strength and elasticity. As we age, soluble collagen changes to insoluble collagen. Collagen degenerates, and its ability to bind water declines sharply.

The word collagen comes from the Greek language: cola – glue and genno – to give birth. “Adhesive” – this definition fully characterizes the function of collagen. It is a protein that “glues” and “connects” cellular elements and forms them into tissues and organs. Found in all organs, it serves as a cell-binding substance. Collagen fibres are built into the elements of organs and form the intricate structure of the membranes of organs such as the pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, as well as organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, blood vessels, bones, eyes and, of course, the skin.

Collagen is the most important protein in the body, as it makes up 30% of the total mass of human proteins and 70% of the mass of skin proteins. In women after the age of 25, collagen production begins to decrease and gradually stops at an older age. The body thus loses the ability to regenerate natural collagen. Wrinkles, cellulite, dry skin, loss of nail and hair shine, the inevitable aging process begins. But you can slow it down, hold it back and even turn it away!

Effects of collagen:

  • direct, very intense deep hydration of the skin and the complexion, loss of the feeling of dry skin
  • increase elasticity and firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • highly effective against cellulite, dilated coils and stretch marks
  • smoothing of fine lines and reduction of deep wrinkles
  • slowing down the skin ageing process
  • deep tissue hydration
  • silky appearance of the skin
  • healing and regenerating effect on tanned or sunburnt skin
  • preventive effect
  • acceleration of wound healing, especially post-operative wounds
  • elimination of skin changes caused by allergies
  • regenerates nails and hair, scalp
  • does not cause allergy

What is collagen for?

Collagen is designed for all skin types, including susceptible skin. Collagen is especially recommended for naturally aged or prematurely damaged skin. It is also highly effective in the removal and prevention of skin problems such as cellulite, acne, scars, stretch marks, stretch marks, ulcers, eczema, excessively dry skin, moles, age spots, dilated hairlines. In case of skin damage, it accelerates healing (post-operative wounds), eliminates skin changes caused by allergies.

Does not cause allergy !

Traditional skin protection using conventional cosmetic products is, of course, important. However, these products act only on the outer layer of the skin and often cause undesirable allergic reactions. They cannot penetrate the deepest layers and thus regenerate the skin effectively. Therefore, for effective regeneration to take place, it is necessary to hit its lower layers. Unique formulations have been developed that reach even into the lower layers. However, it is most convenient when the body creates collagen. By using the devices in cosmetic practice, the collagen reaches the deeper layers of the skin, thus increasing its effect.

In the solarium we have a long-term reduced price:

1 minute – 0,30 eur

60 min pass – 16,90 eur

120 min pass – 32,90 eur

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