Tan bed with a vibrating, oscillating platform – who do we recommend it to?

Not every woman can afford to spend time regularly on sunny beaches. That’s why we have a solution for the less fortunate – our TAN BED! Not only will you look like you just came from an exotic vacation, but you will also treat your body to a wide range of benefits that our tanning bed offers!


Our vertical solarium contains 58 pcs of XL-long special kolatan tubes. It has a vibrating, oscillating platform that regenerates and strengthens muscles during sunbathing. The tan bed has an elliptical shape, specially designed based on years of experience with even tanning, including the legs. Includes four brackets, two sides, and two tops for comfortable positioning. It has dynamic lighting that changes colors based on your settings and tastes.

The choice of exterior design is possible from more than 30 variations or your procedure. Of course, there are built-in speakers and central extraction with automatic power control. Includes touch control Start/Stop Ventilation, a digital display showing tanning time, and a vibrating platform control panel with the collection. The solarium is fitted with internal acrylic covers with straightforward disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.

The tan bed can be controlled by a reception controller, a token machine, or a computer system. It is possible to install an aromatherapy or aqua breeze refreshment system and an intelligent music package with a subwoofer.

Effects of vibration-oscillation platform:

  • it removes excess fat and shapes the figure,
  • improves the condition of cellulite, firms and smoothes the skin,
  • it alleviates the symptoms of osteoporosis and acts as a preventive measure,
  • accelerates blood circulation,
  • detoxification of the body, harmful substances are excreted more quickly,
  • metabolism is accelerated,
  • it helps to eliminate pain in the hip joints, their position and stability,
  • acts on relaxing muscles and removing fatigue,
  • it improves the function of internal organs,
  • reduces cholesterol and excess body fat and thus contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity,
  • helps to correct health problems with the spine,
  • it helps to improve pelvic floor musculature and reduce problems with stress incontinence,
  • improves intestinal patency and helps with constipation problems,
  • it helps in the rehabilitation of weakened muscles and joints after injuries.

How does it work?

The vibration method uses the reflex as the body’s natural response to disturbances in balance to increase muscle fibers’ stimulation. It works based on the body’s natural reflexes triggered by vibration. Training on the vibration platform is safe, simple, and very effective, where in 10 minutes, you will achieve the same results as a regular exercise that takes an hour. Medical studies have shown that it is possible to halt the development of osteoporosis and accelerate the recovery of damaged tendons and ligaments. Effectively combats cellulite and, at the same time, improves coordination of movements.

Lipoic vibration machines can promote burning body fat, especially in the gluteal muscles, thighs, and abdomen. Apart from developing a nice figure, this therapy is also beneficial for your health.