Want to relax after work?
Only with us!

Pamper yourself after a hard day with luxurious and unique relaxation in the form of a massage in our MAXPLAZA complex.

Or indulge in the most natural cosmetics and "catch the bronze" in our tan bed with a vibrating platform, ensuring the regeneration and strengthening of your muscles.

Come and relax after a busy day, and we will take care of you with love.


A massage from us will be an experience you enjoy with all your senses and at the highest level.

Massages are provided by professional Thai masseuses and are available for both hotel guests and the general public. We also offer massages for couples according to clients' requirements.

Recharge your batteries for the days to come and treat yourself to a moment of luxury you deserve.


P5 season ticket
- 5 massages for only 160 €, save 15 €!

P10 season ticket
- 9 massages and 10th massage free of charge

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You will be given a card to collect stickers:

P5: 5 massages for only 160 €!

  • P10: When collecting nine stickers, you get a 10th massage for FREE.

Passes are non-transferable - they are bound to one person. 5 or 9 massages of the same length (60 / 90 / 120 min.)


In today's world, many people suffer from headaches, even migraines. Antimigraine massage relaxes the cervical spine, migraine or chronic headaches - by pressing acupressure points on the face. It is very relaxing and pleasant.

The price list of massages can be found here. Massages are open daily from 10:00 - 21:00.
Make an appointment by calling +421 948 709 710 or buy a massage here.


In our tan bed, you will recharge your batteries with the necessary vitamin D, relax and boost your mood.

Thanks to the vibrating platform, you will burn unnecessary calories, which you will appreciate not only during the summer.

The vibrating platform in the solarium removes excess fat and shapes the figure, improves the condition of cellulite, firms and smooths the skin, and accelerates metabolism.

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Solárium cenník
Solárium cenník


The vertical tan bed contains 58 pieces of XL-long special kolatan tubes. It has a vibration-oscillation platform that regenerates and strengthens muscles during sunbathing. The solarium has an elliptical shape, specially designed based on years of experience with even tanning, including the legs. It includes four brackets, two sides, and two tops for comfortable positioning. It has dynamic lighting that changes colors based on your settings and tastes.

Of course, there are built-in speakers and central extraction with automatic power control. It also includes touch control Start/Stop Ventilation, a digital display showing tanning time, and a vibrating platform control panel with a display. The tan bed is fitted with internal acrylic covers with straightforward disassembly for maintenance and cleaning. The tan bed can be controlled by a reception controller, a token machine, or a computer system.


The vibration method uses the reflex as the body's natural response to disturbances in balance to increase muscle fibers' stimulation. It works based on the body's natural reflexes triggered by vibration.

Training on the vibration platform is safe, simple, and very effective, where in 10 minutes, you will achieve the same results as with moderate exercise that takes an hour.

Medical studies have shown that it is possible to halt the development of osteoporosis and accelerate the recovery of damaged tendons and ligaments. Effectively combats cellulite and, at the same time, improves coordination of movements.

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The secret of the vibrant look is hidden in the perfect formation of collagen. Preferably one that your body creates itself. For this purpose, NASA scientists have developed a new method using 633 nm light technology.

The principle is that special emitters stimulate the body to produce collagen. This makes it possible to improve its effectiveness many times over, even in the deep layers of the skin. Sunbathing has never been healthier!

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The tan bed is open daily from 06:00 - 22:00.
Make an appointment by calling +421 948 709 710 or book your appointment here.