These special terms and conditions issued by MAXPLAZA s.r.o., 21/111, 917 01 Trnava, ID No.: 51 821 133, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Trnava, Section: Sro, Insert No.: 42596/T (from now on referred to as the “Operator”), regulate the terms and conditions for the purchase and use of Gift Vouchers and Season Tickets for the provision of services (from now on referred to as the “Services”) provided by the Operator in the MAXPLAZA complex operated by the Operator (from now on referred to as the “Establishment”).

The Gift Voucher or Season Ticket entitles the person holding the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket (from now on referred to as the “Customer”) to use the services at the establishment (massage, tan bed) for which the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket is issued or in the amount for which the Gift Voucher or Ticket is issued (from now on referred to as the “Gift Voucher” or “Season Ticket” or collectively as the “Voucher”).

A person interested in a Gift Voucher or a Season Ticket (from now on referred to as the “Customer”) has the opportunity to contact the Operator by e-mail, telephone, or directly at the premises (all contact information is provided on the Operator’s website) at the time specified by the Operator to obtain information about the purchase of a Gift Voucher or a Season Ticket and the options, types of Gift Vouchers or Season Tickets, the range of services for which the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket can be purchased, and the possibilities of using Gift Vouchers or Season Tickets.

I. Order

The customer orders the voucher offered by the seller through its website. The validity of the electronic order is subject to the truthful and complete completion of all necessary data. The received electronic order is considered a draft purchase contract, the subject of which is a voucher for services provided by the Seller selected by the Customer and is binding (from now on referred to as the “Contract”). The contract between the Seller and the Customer as the Buyer shall become effective upon delivery of the order confirmation by the Seller to the Customer’s email address specified in the order. A voucher is then sent to the buyer’s address. The validity of an ordinary Gift Voucher or Season Ticket is always indicated on the Seller’s website depending on the type of voucher selected by the Customer from the date of issue or is shown on the voucher. After the expiration of this period, the right to performance resulting from the voucher for the customer shall cease.

The following shall be deemed to be essential elements of the order:

” customer identification (name and surname)

” delivery address

” type of voucher ordered

” quantity of ordered vouchers

” customer’s email address and phone number

II. Price conditions

The actual price of the voucher is always indicated on the Seller’s website, depending on the voucher selected by the Customer. The price always includes VAT. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally adjust (increase/decrease) voucher prices, with the new voucher prices being valid for the customer from the date of their publication at www.maxplaza.sk. Such price adjustment does not apply to a voucher already ordered by the customer.

III. Payment and delivery terms

The Seller accepts the following payment terms:

” payment in cash upon receipt of the voucher in the MAXPLAZA complex

” payment in advance by bank transfer (the Seller shall deliver the voucher to the Customer immediately, but no later than seven working days after the voucher price has been credited, to the address indicated in the order form together with the tax receipt

” cash on delivery upon delivery of the voucher (money is collected from the customer by the carrier)

The Seller provides or arranges the following delivery methods:

” personal collection

” sending by post to

IV. Other conditions

The Customer acknowledges that to use the services provided under the Voucher itself successfully, it is necessary to make a reservation for the specific service selected and ordered by the Customer with the Seller by calling the telephone number listed on the Seller’s website www.maxplaza.sk or on the Voucher itself, in sufficient time in advance. The Customer acknowledges that the Seller has no control over the fact that the reservation is no longer possible on the date of service provision requested by the Customer, if any, due to the Seller’s workload and the provision of services to another Customer. The Customer acknowledges the obligation to prove to the Seller the purchased voucher before the actual provision of the service indicated on the voucher. The Seller shall be entitled to refuse to provide the service to the Customer if the Customer fails to present such a voucher.

A Gift Voucher or Season Ticket can not be exchanged for funds (cash or non-cash). Once the price of the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket has been paid, the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket may not be returned, nor may a refund of the price paid or any other financial or non-financial compensation be requested.

In the case of purchasing a Gift Voucher or a Season Ticket for the use of services, neither the Customer nor the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract at the moment of the contractual relationship within the meaning of § seven par. 6 lit. (k) of Act No. 102/2014 Coll. on consumer protection in the sale or provision of services under a distance contract or a contract concluded away from the seller’s business premises and on amending and supplementing certain acts, as amended.

The period of validity of the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket is indicated on the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket. The last day of validity of the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket must fall no later than the termination date of services under the Gift Voucher or Pass. Upon the expiry of the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket stated on the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket, the right to use the service for which the Gift Voucher or Season Ticket is issued shall be FORFEITED. Neither the Customer nor the Client shall be entitled to any financial or non-financial compensation, a refund of the price paid, any aliquot part thereof, or payment for damages. It is NOT POSSIBLE to extend the validity period of the Gift Voucher or Pass.

The lack of unfilled appointments is not a reason for not using the service for explanations on the operator’s side.

The Season Ticket is non-transferable and can not be used by any person (other than the holder for whose benefit the Purchaser initially purchased it). Passholders are therefore obliged to show their ID card on request.


If a winner wins a competition organized by MAXPLAZA s.r.o., the winner must collect the prize within 30 calendar days from the date on which MAXPLAZA s.r.o. announces the results of such competition. The Winner’s claim to the prize will expire on the expiry of this period when the prize will be forfeited to the Promoter.

V. Protection of customer’s personal data

The Customer, at this moment, grants the Seller consent to the processing of his data to the extent of the personal data he provides when filling in the order form (from now on referred to as “personal data”) for exclusively commercial purposes arising from the contract, namely the consent under Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on protecting personal data and amendment and supplementing certain acts. The Customer also confirms that the personal data is valid, complete, truthful, and accurate. In the event of any change in the personal data, the Customer is obliged to notify the Provider without undue delay at maxplaza@maxplaza.sk. Consent to the processing of this personal data is granted voluntarily by the customer for a limited period, starting from the date of its granting until the expiry of two years from the termination of all obligations and other legal relationships between the customer and the seller.

VI. Conditions of complaint

If the Customer does not receive the voucher within the time limit according to these GTC or the coupon has other deficiencies, the Customer may complain about them in writing at the Seller’s address specified in the introduction to these Terms and Conditions or by e-mail to the address: maxplaza@maxplaza.sk.

The Seller is obliged to handle the complaint without delay but no later than 30 days after receipt. If the Seller does not settle the complaint within the period mentioned above, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

VII. Other provisions

Neither Party shall be liable for impossibility of performance in the event of force majeure. A force majeure event is an event that the Parties could not have foreseen and which they could not have prevented even with the exercise of the utmost professional care beyond their control (in a particular war, natural disasters, changes in legislation, etc.).

Supervision over the observance of consumer rights and legally protected interests of the customer as a consumer, following the relevant consumer legislation in force and force in the territory of the Slovak Republic, is carried out by the Slovak Trade Inspection.

VIII. Final provisions

The Seller reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes or additions to the terms and conditions shall enter into force from their publication on www.maxplaza.sk. The Parties agree that any disputes arising out of legal relations under the Contract shall be settled by amicable settlement as a matter of priority. By sending an order to the Seller, the Customer also confirms their unconditional acceptance of the Seller’s terms and conditions.